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Shellie Collier began her interest in construction at an early age. At three-years-old she received a doll and baby carriage. She promptly rolled the carriage outside, tossed the doll out and filled the carriage with sand, creating a makeshift wheelbarrow. As an adolescent, she honed her construction skills by building elaborate treehouses and made extra money by painting homes in her neighborhood; some things are just meant to be.


Shellie left her hometown of Dallas and went on to earn a double business degree from the University of Oklahoma. She moved to California for a sales job, but ended up supporting herself as an artist making glass mosaic tables. The mosaic work gradually expanded into tiling and construction. Shellie enjoyed the hands-on experience of building and came to understand the importance of crafting living and work spaces of quality. She studied Feng Shui and Color Therapy to help cultivate her ability to create environments where her clients could flourish. In creating positive spaces for people, Shellie realized that there is little room for synthetic materials and excess waste. This realization expanded into her studies of green building principals.


Shellie has over seventeen years of experience in green project management, renovation, new construction, and architectural restoration. With this background she is able to consult from a builder’s perspective, while having a full knowledge of green building techniques and materials. In addition, Shellie has studied elements of sustainable design through both biomimicry and permaculture.


Ms. Collier is one of a select few LEED for Homes Green Raters in California. She is currently guiding 32 projects through the LEED for Homes process and has completed 16 LEED projects that achieved a LEED Platinum rating. She has completed over 52 LEED for Homes projects since the pilot program was installed by USGBC and continues to usher custom homes, condominiums, mid-rise, and multi-family complexes through the LEED for Homes process throughout the state of California. Shellie was the LEED for Homes Green Rater for team LISI that won the 2013 Solar Decathlon. Her team also won the 2012 LA USGBC Sustainable and Water Innovation Awards for the PUNCHouse Project 234. She worked on the Ed Begley LEED Platinum residence as the LEED for Home Green Rater and Sustainability Consultant.


Shellie is a green consultant for multiple Development and Architecture firms in Los Angeles. She is also the USGBC Southern California’s Green Rater Mentor for the LEED for Homes Program, a Green Point Rater and a Certified Green Building Professional. She has been a guest speaker for many organizations and community events including Alt Build and The Sustainable Green Building Advisor Program. She has lectured at Santa Monica College for their new Green Building Advisory Curriculum and the Los Angeles Gas Company Green Expo. Shellie was Field Manager with Davis Energy Group for the Los Angeles County Energy Upgrade California WNA Pilot Program. This program, funded through the Department of Energy, is currently working with EUC, utility companies, BKI and Davis Energy Group to retrofit existing housing stock in Los Angeles County. Shellie recently spoke about “Greenhouse Gas Reduction through Waste Trail Diversion” at the Municipal Green Building Conference in Los Angeles. She also was invited to speak in Bolivia to their Green Building Council on Waste Trail Diversion and Sustainability in the Built Environment.


Shellie loves to travel and observe how other cultures use sustainability practices in building homes and other structures, and in their waste streams. She visited a dump in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and was amazed by the lack of trash. Everything there was re-used; all that was left were small shreds of paper. Shellie’s favorite pastimes in Los Angeles include hiking in Griffith Park with her dogs Barkley and Audrey, and attending lectures at the Griffith Observatory. The little Texan girl with the makeshift wheelbarrow has grown up to be an environmentally thoughtful woman who continues to be resourceful and creative.